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Merging with Castle NVelocity

first post: mausch wrote: It seems this is a fork from Castle's NVelocity... what are the con...

latest post: jianyi wrote: Seems castle team has already not developed NVelocity.

NVelocity Template Editor and Visual Studio Integration

first post: pdas wrote: What is the best way to edit and work with NVelocity Templates in V...


first post: mellouk wrote: Is there an equivalent to DVSL with NVelocity or planned?CheersMichael

html, body { background: #eee; }

first post: hulaka wrote: KeyNotFoundException

latest post: hulaka wrote: thank you very much

Where can I download the version of .NET2.0

first post: nbgzc wrote: Where can I download the version of .NET2.0

Strong Naming

first post: dpenton wrote: Hello,Are there any plans to strong name this assembly?Thanks, David

silent notation

first post: vt_mruhlin wrote: I notice that when I use silent notation to write out a null value,...

ForEach ALA Castle

first post: nicksmyth wrote: Are there plans to merge the foreach modifications done in the cast...

How is this project different?

first post: filipf wrote: Hi, I just have a quick question. Is this project any different ...

latest post: filipf wrote: Thanks for the response. I wonder whether you were able to fix any ...

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